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Shanti Microfinance

Logo criada para empresa Indiana Shanti Microfinance que fornece financiamentos e treinamentos de habilidades para as pessoas em favelas e aldeias na Índia, para que possam construir negócios sustentáveis ​​e se tornar rentáveis.



We founded Shanti Life because we care about giving back. We have all seen hard times and many of our team have experienced vulnerability but there have always been people to help us out.

We are a not for profit that bring together a variety of skills and people who care about social entrepreneurship and sustainable living. We want to transfer our skills in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, social work, sustainability and training to people who are vulnerable. The poor do not have access to resources so we ensure they can get those resources and become independent from the loan cycle. Our interest rates are amongst the lowest MFIs and are used for local administration. We care about paying it forward so once a loan has been repaid it gets recycled.


Depoimento da cliente:

Ivancco is a very special designer, diligent, prompt and totally creative. Shanti Life logo is about trust and freedom – and Ivan captured this beautifully!

Sheetal Walsh
Founder, Shanti Life and Deal Maker, Global Entrepreneur Programme, UKTI

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